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British Butler chocolate caramel wafer bars and chocolate biscuit bars are produced wholly in the UK. Visit the British Butler website for further details.

If you are interested in traditional British food or you own a pub, restaurant, shop or business then we would encourage you to contribute to, and of course get mentioned on the website. From Chefs to Exporters, Schools to Restaurants, we would love to hear from you.

British Food Awards 2010

Our awards for 2010 are now open for entries. For full details see the British Food Awards page. Categories this year include the best event, best British food shop (both UK and International), and best restaurant.

British Food Focus Awards 2009

The awards recognise and reward outstanding achievement across organisations within the industry. Competition will be intense as ever, and the deadline for entries is 20th March 2010.

Entrants need only to complete a form and submit it via email. The winners of each catgeory will be announced around the middle of April 2010.

Fish & Chips Sales Increase

As the British population feels the credit crunch pinch further, people are choosing to eat in more often and cut down on the numbers of meals out. While more expensive restaurants are feeling the squeeze, some of the more traditional British favourites such as Fish & Chip shops are doing brisk business. Restaurants Weston Super Mare features successful fish and chips bar Winston's.

Traditional British Fish and Chips. Photo Copyright: Miss Heidi B, on Flickr.

According to statistics, British fast food establishments saw an increase of 3.2 percent during the first quarter of 2008. People still want to treat themselves during this period of belt-tightening in the British economy, and traditional British fare like the humble portion of fish and chips is one way to do just that without breaking the bank.

British Food Most Missed

With more that 350,000 Britons emmigrating each year, most in search of warmer and sunnier climates, it's not surprising that exports have increased to meet the needs of those British Expats no longer able to find their favourite comfort food.

According to leading online British supermarket, which caters for British Expats, the items most missed are:

  • Baked Beans
  • Baked Beans and Pork Sausages
  • Fray Bentos Pies
  • Mince Pies
  • Bisto Gravy Granules
  • Twiglets
  • Walkers Crisps
  • Robinsons Squash
  • Cadbury Chocolate
  • Marmite

For more information about this online shopping service for British Expats, see a review of British Corner Shop by the great website guide.

Focus on British Pesto

There is nothing better than fresh pesto made from locally produced ingredients, for that fresh vibrant herb smell and taste. Purely Pesto are one local British producer based in Suffolk who are passionate about fresh, local produce.

Purely Pesto. Photo:

Where possible they use locally grown ingredients and take pride in the fact that no additives or preservatives are used. With just ten products in their range, including basil, rocket, coriander and sage pesto, they are a small British enterprise worth supporting.

More small producers like Purely Pesto are needed, and with fresh innovative products like these we are certain they will continue to thrive.

British Chef Michael Caines

In recent years British Chefs have re-asserted themselves as some of the finest in the world. Michael Caines personifies the new breed, combining classical French training with traditional locally produced British produce to sensational effect.

British Chef Michael Caines. Photo:

One of Britain's most acclaimed chefs, Michael now has restaurants in Manchester, Exeter, Glasgow and Canterbury. You may recognise him from the television series 'The Great British Menu', a chef's competition broadcast on BBC2 for the honour of cooking for the Queen's 80th birthday.

Michael makes his achievements in the kitchen seem all the more amazing when you realize that he only has one arm. Chefs like Michael continue to better the reputation of British cooking with their dedication and excellence.

British Prefer TV Dinners

The British people officially prefer to eat their food in front of the television. A recent poll about the British dinner revealed that over fifty percent of Britons regularly eat their dinner while watching television.

This trend seems to be more prolific in the younger generation, with teenagers being the most likely to eat their food in front of the television. However older does not always mean wiser, and the most popular programmes to watch while eating included the news, and soap operas.

The sofa or comfy armchair is the seat of choice for sitting on while we eat, but five percent of the more discerning diners quoted leather recliner chairs as being their preferred dining seat.

It has been suggested that people who watch television while eating are prone to eating more. Shovelling food into the mouth while distracted by your favourite TV show may well cause excessive weight gain in some cases. However, this seems unlikely to curb the popularity of the British TV dinner, which is as popular as a cup of tea and slice of toast in the morning. Nothing wrong with that of course.

Appliances are vital today ensuring we get our morning cup of tea and toast. Russell Hobbs has a range of stylish kitchen appliances designed with life in mind. With toasters, kettles, blenders and food processors Russell Hobbs have the technology to make your morning a more enjoyable experience.

British Children Getting Healthier

In recent years advertisers have been blamed for targetting British children with unhealthy junk food. Whether this is a main cause for increased obesity in British children or not, the message seems to be hitting home, with both adults and children recognising the need for a healthier lifestyle, more exercise and better eating habits.

Monica Dawson, mother of three says, 'As a family we eat a lot of traditional food. My children have all benefitted from healthier school dinners, as well as eating fewer sweets during the school day. We've also got them doing more exercise, and persuaded them to spend less time on computer games and more time running around playing garden games. The combination of improved diet and exercise has definitely given them much more energy'.

The traditional British diet can seem a little unhealthy, but basically we do have a good balance of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates in our dishes, we just need to be careful when preparing food to do it in healthy ways.


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